Welcome to Graduate Gamers. We are a video gaming and board gaming club at The University of Newcastle, Australia. Our goal is to enjoy the social aspects of gaming in a fun and casual environment, and be welcoming to all players. We like our members to enjoy the games and enjoy the company. The club encourages people new to gaming to try out the hobby. Graduate Gamers was founded in November 2017 after becoming affiliated with the Newcastle University Postgraduate Students Association.


Weekly Events

Our sessions run weekly throughout the semester, every Friday night on the Callaghan Campus, 5pm - 10pm. Check the Events page for details on upcoming events. Also check out our Facebook group for event details. Our regular sessions involve playing diverse games from our PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch libraries, but also playing a variety of modern board games (and usually a bit of pizza). Every month the club hosts larger events different to our regular sessions. In the past, these have included gaming marathons, trivia nights, and even a trip to Virtual Reality Escape Rooms. As a member of the club, you can help decide on these events that the club delivers.



Anybody is able to become a member of Graduate Gamers and attend our events. This includes anybody who is not a student of The University of Newcastle. Membership is completely free. Being a member of Graduate Gamers means you can receive rewards when attending events but it also means you can help shape the club’s activities. To join, please complete the online membership form.


More Information

For more information about upcoming events check our Events page. We hope our Gallery captures the fun that is had during our events. If you would like to contact the club and/or join the Facebook group, go to our Contact page. We hope to see you at one of our events soon. Happy gaming!